Business Development

Nova Pharmaceuticals has a strong focus on business development projects. We have over 100 innovative products in-development through multiple global strategic partners and a rapidly growing international presence. We are continuously looking for partners who can help us bring new innovative products to the market, either through co-development, in-licensing/out-licensing opportunities, or co-marketing activities.

Nova is always looking for partners who share a similar passion and ethos as our company, a partnership that can provide mutual benefit and create a win-win situation for both the organisations.

Through the number of products already registered in Australia and New Zealand (230+ products), Nova has gained incredible experience in the process required for development, registration and marketing of these products.

We have an experienced team of experts in sales, marketing, formulation development, regulatory affairs, manufacturing and distribution, who are always looking for opportunities to expand, and are happy to assist in any way that can accelerate the growth of Nova and/or your organisation.